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Important Information About Toy Poodles' history, coloring, sizes, and poodle cuts


A "Parti Poodle” is basically a white dog with broken patches of color. Every Parti is marked differently in both the color pattern and pigment. This feature makes them all the more unusual. The Parti colored black and white poodles have been seen in drawings and photographs as early as 1561 and in many well know 1800’s artworks. Even at that time, this unique coloring was prized because of the difficulty in breeding consistent color combinations.

Parti coloring is an inherited gene. Therefore breeding Parti to Parti will always produce Parti. The litters may vary having two or more different Parti combinations in them. Phantom coloring is also an inherited gene and is reproduced the same way. They are found in the black/tan, black/silver, brown/tan combinations and are marked in a precision pattern as shown in the photo far right below.

I breed both Parti color and solid color toy poodles. The American Kennel Club recognizes a single category as TOY, but toys differ widely in size. I generally breed 6-7 pound females to very small males. This gives me healthy pups that are birthed naturally. With the Moms having lots of milk to go around, my babies get a good start in life. With the Dads being tiny, the size of the mature pups will likewise be small and consistent. Because many people like a good sized family pup, I can plan a breeding to accommodate most needs. Pups weigh in the range of 4-8 pounds having corresponding heights. Obviously, the family scenario should dictate which size of toy is most suitable. The smaller the dog, the more fragile, so although a tiny dog may be cute, owners is encouraged to make their decision based on lifestyle. Remember, dogs are NOT ornaments or fashion accessories. Yes, tiny dogs do fit into designer handbags, but their size also means that they are fragile and need special care and protection. Taking them out all day in a purse while you run errands is not only hazardous to their health but also unkind.

I believe that disposition is essential, with quiet obedience and, of course, fun and loving! To this end, I personally whelp each litter; my presence adding comfort to both a new or experienced mum. Each puppy is weighed every 12 hours from birth for a week. Any problems are instantly recognized. Each puppy lives under my watchful eye until it is sold.

Poodle History

The poodle is among the oldest dog breeds. Pictures of Poodles adorn Roman tombs, commonly appear in European paintings as early as 1454, and are illustrated in historic manuscripts even earlier.
Known for hundreds of years as the "Petit Barbet", small white toys are probably the oldest variety of poodle.

Until the 1960’s, some famous kennels in England bred parti-colored Standard Poodles. Among these were Ann Cambray Coppage, Vulcan Kennels, Jane Lane, Nunsoe Kennels, and Shirley Walne, Champagne Kennels. In an article written for "Our Poodle," the August 1977 edition, Miss Coppage wrote, "The character of the particolours was always unique; somehow they had an extra dimension -- just that bit more clever, amusing or intelligent than their solid-color littermates."

Here are examples of black & white Parti, brown & white Parti, silver & white Parti, black & white Phantom, and brown & tan Phantom poodles. The Phantom gene produces markings similar to a Doberman. Phantoms come in black/silver, black/tan, brown/tan and red/tan. The last two color combinations are really hard to find. I breed the black/silver and occasionally the brown/tan. For those who love solid colors, mine sometimes have "added character" with beige ears or sometimes a tuxedo front. My first priorities, however, are disposition, health, and well balanced size. Colors are the fun part and offer the buyer something "designer different"!

Black & White Parti Poodle
Black & White Parti Poodle
Brown & White Parti Poodle
Brown & White Parti Poodle
Silver & White Parti
Silver & White Parti Poodle
Black & Silver Phantom Poodle
Black & Silver Phantom Poodle
Chocolate & Apricot Phantom Poodle
Chocolate & Apricot Phantom Poodle
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