All my life, Poodles have been my favorite dog! There has never been a time when I didn’t own one.

Poodles are now the foundation breed for the current rage in family dogs. They are crossed with over 80 other breeds to produce various “hybrid” offspring. Knowing the Poodle as well and as long as I have the reasons are obvious! We too have moved into the popular crossed pups, our preferred choice being the Schnoodle, the result of crossing a purebred Poodle and purebred Schnauzer.

A lifetime of breeding Poodles has provided us an outstanding line to use as a base. We still occasionally breed Poodle litters to add to and strengthen our breeding stock. A breeding Poodle must meet a certain size criteria. We may only need a female or as in a recent case we wanted a large male. Fortunately for someone looking to purchase a top quality Poodle, we can on occasion offer for sale the offspring from these deliberate Poodle breeding’s.

Our popular Schnoodle site just received an “extreme makeover”. You will learn all you need to know about us, the philosophy of our breeding program and current information on everything imaginable about puppies – information based on continuous updates from throughout the dog world as well as our considerable personal experience.

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Generations of Domino Poodle breeding stock. NOW you can see why our Schnoodles are exceptional…………and unique!